• Does your City need to be RE INVENTED?
  • Are you looking to add businesses, jobs, and revenue in your area?
  • Does your City have challenges that need to be addressed?
  • Would business marketing & retention strategies benefit your Downtown?
  • Have developers passed you by?
  • Are you looking for a vision and a plan for your City?


We can help with that and so much more.


Government Administration & Management ~ Economic Development  

Marketing, Branding & Cultural Arts  ~ Urban Design & Planning 

Real Estate & Property Management ~ Public Private Partnerships

 RMA is comprised of a dynamic team of redevelopment professionals passionately executing a vision, while delivering extraordinary results for our client partners. Our  work is intuitive and is embedded in the culture of the firm.  We transform places that  have been neglected and reposition them by recognizing hidden opportunities connected  to real estate, brand, economics, design and planning. 

 We collaborate with our client partners to define and implement a strategic real estate  driven plan that incorporates economic opportunities and market demand with successful  planning principles. The RMA approach is comprehensive and effective - resulting in over  $1 billion in private sector investment in our client redevelopment areas.

 As economic developers, designers, marketers and planners, we excel at creating value  where it initially doesn’t exist with a transformative approach to placemaking through  targeted planning, design, management and programming.We meticulously evaluate the  entire market and available real estate, identifying strengths and any weaknesses. We  clearly communicate the potential and the plan. We create unique marketing campaigns  and special events to attract new audiences and investment. We form genuine  relationships with each and every community – becoming an integral part of the vision. 

 We are completely engaged in building better communities.

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