Chris Brown and Kim Briesemeister’s Book ‘Reinventing Your City’ Reveals Strategies for Urban Planning

MIAMI, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown’s new book, “Reinventing Your City – Eight Steps to Turn Your City Around” (ISBN: 9780986086007), is the essential guide for every city and business leader striving to make their community a better place. Authored by the co-founders of Redevelopment Management Associates, their approach to helping cities grow has resulted in $1 billion in private sector investment.

The book provides insights into city management, urban and regional economics, project planning, public-private partnerships, economic development and more. Available at Amazon,

“If businesses are not gravitating towards a community or if redevelopment is passing them by, city leaders, business owners and residents need to create a better strategy,” said Briesemeister. “Our book provides a blueprint that stakeholders can use to assure they are not skipping critical steps. Often times, city and civic leaders feel the need to seek immediate solutions to a crisis instead of focusing on long-term success. This is one of the most critical mistakes to avoid.”

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