Client Testimonial: City of North Port, FL

“The City of North Port sought out the help of professionals when we were figuring out the retail gap and opportunities for our fast-growing and new city. RMA worked hard and diligently and provided us with a well-put-together plan that was data-backed, and market-based. The results came almost immediately. North Port doubled its retail space in a brief period resulting in increased jobs, increased investments and revenues, and a constant stream of very positive feedback from our residents and taxpayers. “I don’t have to drive out of my community anymore to do my regular shopping needs,” was one of the constant comments I received. The retail attraction that we implemented complemented the overall economic development strategy for the City, so much so that just 2-3 years later the Milken Institute named the North Port metro area as the #1 Best Performing City of Florida. Thank you, Kevin, Sharon, and the RMA Team.”

– Ruth A. Buchanan, MBA, CEcD