Sarasota, FL

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1350 Main – Sarasota

William Morris (Southcoast Partners) and Chris Brown (RMA/LB Jax) developed a 17-story mixed-use, high rise in downtown Sarasota in 2007, including 6,000 square feet of retail and 134 condominiums. The project set a sales record in the market when it sold out in one day. The project’s architect included Cohen, Freedman, and Encinosa as well as Andres Duany (DPZ) who served as the consulting urban designer to the City and to the developer. The project was a P3 with the City in which the City transferred part of the right of way of two main streets, allowing the development to build four floors of loft urban housing on top of an arcaded public sidewalk. DPZ provided the City of Sarasota with a downtown masterplan and the development followed the plan before it was adopted. 1350 Main is an example of new urbanism at its best.

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