City of Cape Coral, Florida


Services Provided

  • Redevelopment Strategic Planning
  • Community Outreach & Engagement
  • Real Estate Analysis
  • Business & Developer Attraction Strategies
  • Public Realm Connectivity
  • Repositioning the Downtown


Performance Period


Cape Coral Bimini Basin


Located in the South Cape area of Cape Coral, Bimini Basin is adjacent to the city’s downtown. This waterfront enclave was first developed in the early 1960’s, however, very little new construction has occurred since. Over the years, the area became blighted, and some of the multi-family developments have aged and become havens for crime and poverty.

The City recently updated the zoning to a mixed-use designation with the goal of making Bimini Basin a waterfront destination to compliment the city’s downtown. RMA was selected to assist the Client with Project Management services including extensive community engagement, and to propose strategies for the redevelopment of the Bimini Basin area.


RMA’s robust analysis of market conditions and engagement with the local community and stakeholders set the framework for the implementation plan. The plan recommends a realistic and comprehensive strategy for attracting and nurturing new private development that is consistent with the context and character of the community. Implementation of the Bimini Basin plan focuses on 5 key areas; connectivity, activity and vibrancy, aesthetics, quality of life, and private investment. Recommendations were made based on current and future market area demand, neighborhood compatibility, financing capacity, and infrastructure viability. The tasks are to:

  • Preserve access to the waterfront, public spaces, quality of life and community character.
  • Enhance water quality, aesthetics, walkability, the waterfront, and mixed-use development.
  • Expose younger residents to the area and create downtown vibrancy with events and activities.
  • Develop a marketing and branding program to connect the downtown to Bimini Basin.
  • Invest in connectivity, parking, and infrastructure.
  • Invest in the gateway opportunity through branding, marketing and signage to highlight the dynamics of the Basin.
  • Capitalize on development opportunity, market opportunity, and waterfront access, and encourage private development through modification of density regulations.


The community was extremely engaged throughout the entire process and public comment received from the plan was overwhelmingly positive. The City created new land development regulations that include RMA’s recommendations related to height, density and design. In addition, the City has already applied for, and was awarded, a grant from the Fish and Wildlife Commission to develop a mooring field ordinance to address water quality in the basin. Boats are currently mooring in the basin and now the City has the resources to positively impact the water quality. With these steps the City is now ready to implement a developer recruitment program to attract general private investment to the area to increase the tax base.

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