Coral Springs Community Redevelopment Agency

Services Provided

  • Urban Design & Planning

Performance Period

2013 – 2014

Coral Springs Downtown Master Plan


RMA was retained by the CRA to revise their CRA Plan. The CRA is approximately 136 acres which comprises the entire downtown area. As part of the CRA Plan, RMA developed a vision plan for their downtown in order to create a guideline for the redevelopment and establish consistency with the Local Activity Center designation. RMA organized and conducted a design workshop within the community that engaged a great number of residents, business owners and stakeholders within the downtown.


The Downtown area encompasses the old City Hall site, the future municipal complex, the business and office districts, part of the hospital district, the County Library and City Charter site. The overall plan concept suggests a more integrated street network with new streets, new pedestrian paths and passageways, aesthetic upgrades to drainage canals, 12.65 acres of new public open space and great plazas, a dynamic mix of uses including 1900 multi-level residential units, 200 townhomes, and 215,000 square feet of retail, as well as cultural and educational opportunities. These elements are incorporated into distinct sub areas each with their own identity and character.


The immediate objective for the next five years is to focus on the Downtown Core to capitalize on the redevelopment activities from the Municipal Complex and to build new infrastructure to support additional development. The key priorities include completing an art walk, streetscape improvements, and new streets to complete the street grid. Another key priority is property acquisition and public-private partnerships for the purposes of redeveloping the Downtown Core and the NE neighborhood, and redeveloping public property within the Educational Core in the first five years.

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