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Dania Beach Branding, Marketing and Business Attraction Plan, Public Relations & Special Events


The Dania Beach CRA had been laying the foundation for development and sustainable growth for several years, however, more than 60% of residents indicated in surveys that they were not aware of the downtown antiques and design districts. Many downtown businesses looked “tired” and many of the business owners were also tired – worn down by a tough and changing economy. The city was not on any investor’s or developer’s radar, rather Dania Beach was a pass through from north to south for the Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale International Airport (which is actually located in Dania Beach). The CRA hired RMA to create and implement a marketing and communications strategy that would engage the local community, build awareness, generate foot traffic for existing businesses, and attract new businesses, investors and developers.


Capitalizing on the many assets in downtown Dania Beach, most with a common arts and design oriented theme, RMA directed the design of a new CRA website and print materials and began a robust social media and public relations campaign. The strategy not only focused on the downtown area and its charm, but also focused on residents and all stakeholders by incorporating the entire city and its assets in the promotional messaging. The multi-dimensional campaign was relevant to the business community as an aspirational brand and promoted its redevelopment efforts and investment opportunities.


  • The new brand established Dania Beach as a solid place for development and as a result over $500 million in private investment is currently under construction or in the planning stages in Dania Beach.
  • The Dania Beach CRA and Project Manager, Sharon McCormick, were presented with the FRA Roy F. Kenzie award for Marketing and Public Relations. The marketing package included a new web and social media presence, promotional brochure, light pole banners and neighborhood ambassador event program and collateral. The identifiable themed package was described as “effervescent and inspiring”.
  • In collaboration with the new Creative Arts Council, established through the development of a cultural arts plan, RMA led the marketing efforts for the creation and execution of the inaugural Dania Beach Arts & Seafood Celebration. The event firmly established Dania Beach as a city engaged in the development of its existing and future cultural assets.
  • The social media communications campaign for the event gained over 650,000 online impressions over a four-week period and, coupled with traditional print and radio advertisements, led to over 8,000 people attending the two-day event.
  • The Dania Beach CRA won the 2013 Roy F. Kenzie Award for Cultural Enhancement, and won over 20 Florida Festivals and Events Association Awards in 2016 – the most awards won by any entity in the state.
  • The Dania Beach Arts & Seafood Celebration celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2017, boasting over 20,000 visitors annually during the two-day event.
  • The CRA launched the Neighborhood Ambassadors program, attracting over 150 residents and business owners each quarter to the networking/community building event. These ambassadors share news about new business openings, support local businesses, and attend CRA sponsored events and programs. Residents report they feel more engaged with the City and CRA, which has led to increased community support for new projects.

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