Margate Community Redevelopment Agency

Services Provided

  • Economic Development
  • Real Estate
  • Urban Design & Planning

Performance Period

2013 – Present

Margate City Center


The City of Margate’s Community Redevelopment Agency (MCRA) had assembled 36 acres of property within the City’s Transit Oriented Corridor to redevelop as a vibrant downtown with a mix of uses for work, living and entertainment. Several attempts had been made over the years to engage a private developer to partner in building out the project, without success. The MCRA engaged RMA to assist in the process of securing a qualified development firm for this public-private project.


RMA’s approach was to first work with the MCRA to clarify the vision for the project by developing a conceptual master plan for the site. The purpose of the plan was to provide a framework for developers to follow and signify the agency’s commitment to seeing the project through to fruition. The plan identified the downtown’s main streets and civic center and established a network of parks and open spaces integrally connected to the new mixed-use center and residential neighborhoods. RMA next implemented a 2-stage solicitation process (RFQ & RFP) that incorporated the master plan exhibits and enumerated the MCRA’s goals for the new city center. The RFQ was heavily marketed to established development firms in the South Florida area.


Four qualified firms responded to the RFQ, and the two top-ranked firms were invited to proceed on to the Request for Proposals process. After an intensive review and ranking process, the MCRA selected New Urban Communities/Dover Kohl & Partners as its development partner.

New Urban’s $150 million plan for the Margate City Center incorporates many of the features proposed in RMA’s master plan, including the creation of a cohesive mixed-use town center, enhancement of the waterfront edge with a linear park, amphitheater and boat launch, and an integrated network of local streets and green spaces. The development team is working with the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to re-design the adjacent State Road 7/US 441 corridor as a pedestrian/bicycle friendly roadway. RMA has been retained by the Margate CRA to negotiate the developer agreement and provide management services for the CRA, including the implementation of the public components that are an integral part of this project. City Center is expected to break ground in the fall of 2016.

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