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Pompano Beach Grand Re-Opening Event


The City of Pompano Beach had not invested in its own public realm (streets, roads or beach area) in decades. Ultimately, the CRA issued a bond and, over an 18-month period, initiated a major $12 million beach and dune renovation on the barrier island and extensive streetscape improvements along Atlantic Boulevard, a major east/west highway connecting I-95 to the beach. At the same time, Harbor Village, a blighted strip center with tired retail and restaurant bays fronting the street, was undergoing a multi-store façade renovation with over $2 million in improvements. Atlantic Boulevard and the related businesses were the entryway to the beach area, and the incredible improvements had a serious impact on upgrading the City’s image. However, the residents and business owners had grown weary of rerouted and slow traffic patterns and tried to avoid the area at all costs. Everyone seemed to be talking about the improvements on Atlantic Boulevard and to the new beach area, but many had only seen it in pictures or read about all the new features through the media. A huge celebration was needed to introduce the community back to the newly redeveloped Harbor Village Shoppes and the stunning new oceanfront and beach promenade. The RMA marketing team developed and executed a comprehensive event plan that would showcase the CRA’s investment, as well as the additional $2 million of private sector investment.


The strategy included two ribbon cutting ceremonies, one in the newly branded “East Village” area, and one at the beautifully renovated beach. A robust promotional campaign to showcase the completion of the redevelopment projects was needed to reposition the City and its new public assets, and promote the extensive high-quality improvements. The site plan for the event was specifically designed so that event attendees would walk the entire length of the project enjoying live music and community art projects. Of importance was accentuating the key public improvements including an amazing interactive water feature, a beautifully landscaped green space – the “Great Lawn”, outdoor workout facilities, and the new 17’ wide oceanfront/beach promenade. RMA positioned the opening as a family friendly celebration and promoted the event and the redevelopment through multiple media channels (print, television, radio, social media, etc.) as part of an integrated, holistic communications plan.



  • With over 10,000 event attendees, Pompano Beach instantly became recognized as a place to be for quality beach and outdoor activities.
  • Many vendors reported that the event generated one of their best revenue occasions of the year.
  • All local businesses reported a significant increase in sales/ revenue since the event and campaign.
  • Art Hall on the Beach, an event within the event, featured 14 artists who participated in CRA events in another part of the City, creating connectivity between the East and Northwest CRA areas.
  • The event attracted Pompano Beach residents, as well as regional residents and tourists, to the newly redeveloped areas. The monetary investment from the CRA/City to Pompano Beach businesses decreased the leakage of entertainment dollars leaving the City.
  • CRA and City events held after the grand re-opening celebration and campaign have seen an increase in attendance.

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