Davie Community Redevelopment Agency

Services Provided

  • Economic Analysis
  • Real Estate & P3 Strategy
  • Draft Bid Documents for RFP
  • Community Outreach
  • RFP Selection Process
  • Developer Negotiations

Performance Period

June 2016 – Present

Davie Public-Private Partnership (P3) Consulting Services


The Town of Davie is one of the most unique towns in the state of Florida and prides itself on offering an authentic experience for residents and visitors with its Western themed architecture and rodeo arena. For years, the Towns’ downtown did not reach its full potential for a variety of reasons, including not fully capitalizing on the Western theme. Although there were a few residential, retail, and gathering places that generated some activity in the area, the downtown was not a destination and was mostly overshadowed by the local university neighbors and successful commercial corridors across town. RMA was retained to assist the Town with consulting services and to be the Owner’s Representative to establish a Public-Private Partnership (P3) for the development of the Davie Downtown Center on property owned by the Town of Davie and the Davie Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).


Over the last few years the Town had seen increased interest from the private sector, with both residential and mixed-use projects starting construction in the downtown area; the time seemed right for the Town of Davie and Davie CRA to find a development partner to build a unique Western Themed Downtown Center to increase the quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors. The vision for the Downtown Center was to include mixed-use components that provide daytime and nighttime uses including restaurants, retail shops, and public spaces with programmed activity. An analysis of the local conditions and future vision for the Town Center was determined through discussions with Town leadership, stakeholder interviews, public workshops, proforma modeling, and the review of previous plans. The RMA team completed the necessary due diligence for the 24-acre site by reviewing existing concept designs, zoning and land use designations, and infrastructure plans. RMA utilized that research and created a very comprehensive approach when writing the Request for Proposals (RFP) to select a private partner for the specialty development opportunity. Targeted digital/traditional marketing and advertising for the RFP included local newspapers, national and state recognized development organizations, and a large developer database.


RMA successfully guided the CRA and Town officials throughout the entire process of developing and evaluating the Public-Private Partnership. The work included meeting with local stakeholders, writing the RFP, marketing the RFP, and sitting with the Town during the BID proposal presentation, then providing feedback to the Town on what would make this Public-Private Partnership successful. In early November 2017, a developer was selected to be the Town’s private development partner and builder for the Downtown Center. Both parties are currently negotiating the development terms with assistance from RMA and legal counsel. It is anticipated that construction of the Downtown Center will commence in 2019.

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