Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

Services Provided

  • Government Management
  • Business Attraction & Marketing
  • Economic Development
  • Real Estate
  • Urban Design & Planning

Performance Period

Chris Brown (1991-2000) Diane Colonna (2000-2015)

Delray Beach CRA Management


Chris Brown managed the highly successful Delray Beach CRA from 1991-2000 and set the basis for enormous success in both retail redevelopment and urban housing. Upon his arrival, Mr. Brown identified specific redevelopment strategies for the CRA district and then drew upon the skill sets of a financial analyst, comptroller, housing and land acquisition coordinator, economic development coordinator and a West Atlantic community coordinator to implement the programming for the Agency.

Mr. Brown, as Executive Director of the CRA, wrote four updates to the CRA Redevelopment Plan. The first plan amendment, adopted in 1993, was critical because the initial Plan of 1985 was wholly inadequate. Subsequent plans included new programs resulting in highly active and aggressive CRA redevelopment activities.

Ensuring that the appropriate and most effective plans and programs were in place were key aspects of the Agency that led to the revitalization of the district. The programs focused on workforce and urban infill housing, parking, downtown marketing, land acquisition, mixed-use development, business loan program, façade grants, street beautification, community policing and cultural facilities. Largely due to his efforts, the TIF grew from $300,000 in 1991 to over $3 million in 2000.

Ms. Colonna assumed the reigns in 2000 and continued to build on the momentum. Major strides were made during her tenure during which the largest increase in property values was realized. Delray Beach has become a model for redevelopment in the state and nationwide due to their effective management skillsets.

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