Town of Lake Park, FL

Services Provided

  • Community Involvement & Visioning
  • Existing Conditions & Parcel Analysis
  • Market & Feasibility Analysis
  • Urban Design & Massing Analysis
  • Land Development Regulations
  • Development Opportunity Marketing Event Planning & Hosting

Performance Period

2017 – 2018

Lake Park Mixed-Use District | Federal Highway Corridor


The Town of Lake Park identified the Federal Highway Corridor as an opportunity to expand the Town’s eroding tax base. The tax base was a real concern for this small town that needed a path forward and solution to budget shortfalls. The Town retained RMA to do just that. RMA was intrigued by the Town’s history as a planned community, designed by the famed Olmstead Brothers in 1919. We knew that the Town had tremendous opportunity to capitalize on this high-capacity transit corridor with underutilized land, low property values, and ideal location adjacent to the Lake Park Harbor Marina, the beautiful Kelsey Park, and exquisite views of the Intracoastal Waterway.


This project came with high expectations. The development within the Town of Lake Park would be significantly different from the existing condition. To ensure acceptance of this initiative from the public RMA hosted a great deal of coordinated Public Outreach. During this process, RMA completed a Market Assessment that analyzed the five drivers of economic development; land, labor, capital, markets and regulation. The analysis uncovered that Lake Park had incredible opportunity, values, interest, and market potential.

This market study allowed the Commission and Community to understand that the path to redevelopment was a viable one. RMA began to develop new mixed-use and form-based standards for this district that would enable quality, urban, and urban neighborhood character development that would be compatible with the existing, adjacent neighborhood.


    Ultimately, the initiative became widely supported and the new development regulations were approved unanimously by the Town Commission. The regulations provide a framework that will permit flexibility in development programs that will allow for maximizing the entitlements for each site, encouraging land assemblage, and compatibility. Although the building height was raised throughout this district, the approach requires a gradually increasing transition from the existing neighborhood on the west to the Intracoastal views on the east. To conclude our process and to catalyze this process, RMA hosted a Development Opportunity Marketing Event within the district to promote this new district to a targeted audience, changing an area with a great amount of market potential into one with substantial demand.

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