North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA)

Services Provided

  • Drafted CRA Plan Amendment and updates
  • Negotiations with County for CRA extension
  • Market analysis
  • Real estate feasibility analysis for P3 projects
  • Community outreach and stakeholder input
  • Subsequent Services
  • Marketing & Branding Plan

Performance Period


CRA Update, Feasibility Analysis, Public-Private Partnerships (P3), & Strategic Marketing Plan Creation


Downtown North Miami lacked a unified image and was suffering from the absence of a clearly defined identity, brand and message. This in turn made it difficult to attract new businesses or become a magnet for private investment and economic growth. In addition, the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA) did not have any specific marketing, branding or public relations programs for the Downtown, making it difficult to reposition the district, attract new targeted business, retain current businesses and improve the quality of place. The CRA Plan needed updating, however, the lifespan of the Agency was an issue and an extension was needed to provide adequate time to address the quality of life and economic issues the city was facing. RMA was engaged by the North Miami CRA to update the Community Redevelopment Plan and to guide the new CRA Plan through the adoption process at the City, and Miami-Dade County. Of importance, RMA was to negotiate the terms of a new Interlocal Agreement with Miami-Dade County, including an extension of the life of the CRA through 2046.


RMA began with a feasibility analysis for the proposed Downtown area and reviewed potential sites for Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects to determine which concepts were financially feasible, based on the current real estate market conditions, for inclusion in the updated CRA Plan. RMA conducted public outreach, held targeted one-on-one meetings, had extensive communication with the elected officials, and developed a realistic, achievable, economic development driven plan for the North Miami CRA. Using Economic Development, Downtown Revitalization, Cultural Arts, and Targeted Industry strategies, the plan focused on driving tax base enhancement and growth in Tax Increment. This is turn would support the public realm initiatives including Public Improvements and Infrastructure, Housing, Residential Development and Quality of Life, Transportation, Transit and Parking, and Redevelopment Support Activities. The NMCRA and RMA identified and actively engaged stakeholders in the process and achieved consensus on major elements.


RMA secured a 29 years extension of the CRA by effectively negotiating with Miami-Dade County officials and staff. Almost immediately, there was a significant increase in private sector interest in the CRA area followed by multiple real estate transactions and business attraction efforts with new restaurants and food establishments. RMA recommended that, with the CRA now fully armed with 29 more years of redevelopment activity, a fresh new approach to re-branding and marketing was needed and proceeded to develop a marketing and implementation plan that multiplied the previous effect of the CRA Plan amendment.

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