North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA)


Services Provided

  • Creation & Implementation of Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Marketing, Branding & Public Relations
  • Graphic Design/Collateral Development
  • Website Development & Management
  • Project Management


Performance Period

2016 – Present

North Miami Strategic Marketing Plan Creation & Implementation


Downtown North Miami lacked a unified image and was suffering from the absence of a clearly defined identity, brand and message. In addition, the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA) did not have any specific marketing, branding and public relations programs for the Downtown, making it difficult to reposition the district, attract new targeted business, retain current businesses and improve the quality of place. With the amendment to the CRA plan in 2015 (conducted by RMA), there were several initiatives outlined that required comprehensive marketing strategies to achieve the desired goals. Current data and analysis presented a clear picture that North Miami was primed and ready for a bright, strategically positioned future. The NMCRA hired RMA to create and implement a strategic marketing plan that focused on the process of branding and positioning the downtown based on market potential, existing downtown assets, and stakeholder input.


In order to make Downtown North Miami more vibrant and exciting, additional new businesses needed to be attracted to the area and visitors needed to feel welcomed and engaged. The strategic marketing plan that RMA created focuses on activities to attract new target businesses to the district, attract developers and investors, engage the current customer base and attract new visitors by promoting incentive and security programs, launching advertising, public relations and digital media campaigns and developing special events that support the downtown brand and grow business. The physical environment is also being addressed through streetscape and façade improvements and these improvement projects and timelines will be shared with residents and businesses. The NMCRA and RMA identified and actively engaged stakeholders in the process and achieved consensus on major elements.


  • A City of North Miami Commissioner stated that it was the first time ever that a strategic plan was “doable” and the goals written were achievable.
  • The Marketing Plan contained a step-by-step tactical action plan that set the priorities for Downtown North Miami in a realistic way that was readily implementable.
  • The Downtown NoMi Strategic Marketing Plan won the Florida Redevelopment Association’s 2017 Roy F. Kenzie award for Planning Studies.
  • A downtown logo and tagline (To NoMi is to Love Me) were adopted that illustrated the underlying themes of a rich, diverse, cultural experience and vision for the Downtown.
  • A Brand Standards Manual was adopted to inspire and outline the brand and define the photographic style and primary message.
  • Since the plan is so well-defined and clear, the NMCRA could independently begin immediately implementing certain objectives, while other initiatives are being implemented jointly by the NMCRA and RMA. Initial projects include a Downtown NoMi walkers guide, new CRA and Downtown NoMi lifestyle branded light pole banners – utilizing photographs of real downtown people, places and things.

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