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Pompano Beach Old Town Plaza


In 2009 the City of Pompano Beach hired RMA to manage their two fledgling Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) districts. The city had no identifiable downtown core and no investment was being made by property owners creating a deteriorated enclave of buildings.


The Northwest CRA district is comprised of approximately 3,000 acres, so RMA honed in on a target area to form the downtown. After many community meetings, a Downtown area consisting of a defined Old Town historic district on the east, a commerce and residential area on the west, and a civic and cultural campus to the south was formed.

The vision plan included specific recommendations for the placement of the future passenger rail station, development opportunities and streetscape improvements.

As Executive Director of the CRA, RMA has supervised the project management of the Old Town Plaza during design process and will continue all the way through construction.


Old Town underwent a major transformation through a streetscape improvement project and renovation of the existing historic commercial buildings through the CRA’s incentive programs. These investments attracted over $400,000 in private investment to the Downtown. The streetscape project has enhanced the pedestrian experience in Old Town and will be further enriched by the completion of the Old Town Plaza. This urban plaza will include mature oaks, an area for special events and outdoor seating, as well as a water and fire featured fountain.

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