Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

Services Provided

  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design & Massing Analysis
  • Design Charrette

Performance Period


Pompano Beach Master Plan, Land Use Amendment & Zoning Regulations


On behalf of the City of Pompano Beach, RMA initiated a land use and zoning amendment for a 269 acre area generally known as the Downtown area of Pompano Beach. The area encompasses a 30 acre, vacant assemblage designated as a future Commerce Park, the historic Old Town District, and the Civic Commons where the future Cultural Center and Library will be located. None of the regulatory structure was in place to promote and encourage the type of development envisioned so a major effort was needed to amend the codes.


The project entailed over 20 public meetings, including a design charrette with residents, in order to engage community input and support. RMA wrote the zoning regulations for the transit oriented corridor (TOC) and assisted the planning staff through its adoption. The general concept of the TOC calls for higher density mixed-use located in and around the two transit stations; one is the new bus terminal and the other is the future rail stop on Dixie Highway. The historic single family neighborhoods on the edges are preserved by maintaining their current designation. Specific zoning regulations were drafted to ensure the appropriate transition of height, setbacks and uses were maintained adjacent to the single family neighborhoods.


In 2012, RMA’s Urban Design Director, Natasha Alfonso, received the Florida Redevelopment Association’s (FRA) Roy F. Kenzie award for the planning and design of the Transit Oriented Corridor. In 2014, a second FRA Roy F. Kenzie award was received for the zoning regulations of the Transit Oriented Corridor. In addition, Ms. Alfonso spoke on this subject at the national APA conference in 2015.

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