Pompano Beach City Redevelopment Agency

Services Provided

  • Urban Design & Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Government Management

Performance Period

2013 – 2018

Pompano Beach Streetscape Design & Construction Management


The City of Pompano Beach had not invested in its beach and downtown infrastructure in decades and the city had a tired and outdated image. Private investors passed the city by when looking for redevelopment sites and even during the last real estate boom, only one new major development materialized. The Northwest CRA area is approximately 3000 acres, and other than some property assemblage and a few infill housing projects, no commercial development had occurred. There was no defined town center and the county library was on hold. The beach area was valuable real estate, however, there was no on street parking for visitors to the beach and the area was blighted. In 2009 the City hired RMA to devise a strategy to attract investment and turn the city around.


After a plan was created to identify key investment areas, the Downtown core was defined and was to be comprised of three main areas including the Old Pompano historic retail district on the east, a commerce and residential area on the west, and a civic and cultural center to the south. Through the center of the Downtown runs the FEC Railway which will provide future passenger rail service and a stop in the Downtown. Additionally, the Broward County Transit facility is currently situated in the Downtown. The most glaring issue was the dated public realm and lack of pedestrian amenities. RMA provided a plan to heavily invest in the public domain and leverage the investment to attract private investors. RMA worked with the community in the Downtown to understand their concerns and developed a vision plan that included specific recommendations for the placement of the future passenger rail station, development opportunities and streetscape improvements. RMA amended the Land Use Plan to create the Downtown Transit Oriented Corridor and created a form-based code to support the vision plan, which was adopted in January of 2013. The beach went through the same process but included major investment to the dune system, the sidewalks and the overall parking envelope. RMA oversaw the entire project programming and managed the consulting and construction teams.


Over $12 million was invested along Atlantic Boulevard and Pompano Beach Boulevard and another $13 million in Old Town and along MLK. During the public improvement process, rebranding the area was essential and resulted in major developer interest in the city. A $50 million project is under construction at the beach and the first residential development along Atlantic Boulevard broke ground due to the City’s newly formed commitment to its public realm.

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