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West Palm Beach Palm Coast Plaza


The City of West Palm Beach owns the municipal golf course at 7001 Parker Avenue and the vacant land at 8111 South Dixie Highway. These properties along with the Palm Coast Plaza and surrounding area total approximately 220 acres, and are greatly underutilized prime properties within the City. RMA was contracted to assist the City with a Market, Real Estate and Design Analysis of the sites and surrounding areas and make recommendations to the City based on the findings. The City decided to move forward with presenting the concepts to developers to engage interest for future development.


A thorough analysis of the adjoining residential neighborhood and high school along with a market analysis of the commercial areas was conducted. Results showed that the residential neighborhood was stable, while as in many cases, the commercial areas were severely underutilized while amassing a great amount of area for surface parking.

Results of extensive stakeholder interviews indicated that there was still demand from the public for the golf course. An analysis of the traffic patterns, parking and vehicular issues presented by the high school was conducted. Results showed that lack of street connectivity created cut through traffic problems through the neighborhood.

It was through the public input process that RMA created 4 design scenarios that would present a scheme for the development of the 8111 parcel, and the partial development and reconfiguration of the adjoining golf course. These golf course scenarios would vary in concept, allowing the golf course to be reconfigured yet still service the community. The 8111 parcel would become a mixed-use development, providing waterfront
public areas for the community. A scenario making the Palm Coast parcel more efficient by adding a mixed-use component and increasing retail square footage was designed by the team.


The completion of the project resulted in several outcomes. The project developed existing conditions and data analysis. Public Involvement through Stakeholder Interviews and Idea Exchange Open House presentations of design solutions to the public resulted in the development of the masterplans for the 8111 site, Palm Coast Plaza site and 4 varied golf course with real estate and economic feasibility studies. Analysis of the development feasibility for the entire study area illustrated the appropriate street connectivity along with redevelopment.

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