West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

Services Provided

  • Urban Design & Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Government Management
  • Master Plan
  • Visioning

Performance Period

2013 – Present

West Palm Beach Visioning & Downtown Master Plan


The CRA of West Palm Beach retained RMA to develop a master plan for the North End of West Palm Beach, which encompasses the Northwood/Pleasant City CRA and three mixed-use districts (Currie Park, Northwood Village and the Broadway Corridor) and the Pleasant City neighborhood. In addition to the master plan, the CRA retained RMA to amend the Comprehensive Master Plan and zoning regulations for the three mixed-use districts based on the new vision plan. RMA organized and conducted a 7-day design workshop within the community that engaged a great number of residents, business owners and stakeholders within the North End. The goal of the design workshop was to create a vision and an implementation strategy for the redevelopment of the North End, which has faced years of stagnation due to economic downturns and shortfalls in the current zoning regulations.


The Currie Park area is situated on the east side of the CRA along the Intracoastal Waterway. This area has the largest number of vacant properties within the North End and the greatest interest for redevelopment due to its location. The master plan for this area focused on creating a physical and visual connection to Currie Park and the waterway. The Northwood area is the North End’s entertainment district with an eclectic mix of restaurants, galleries and shops. This area’s success is due to the rebranding and marketing strategies implemented by RMA. The district, however, still has room for growth. The master plan proposes a transit oriented district anchored on the west end by a future passenger rail station along the FEC. The Broadway Corridor is characterized today by crime and blight. The master plan recommended various development scenarios and specific streetscape improvements to the roadway to support the proposed development. The Pleasant City Neighborhood is the oldest African American neighborhood within the City. The master plan identified specific streetscape improvements, new green-ways and open spaces as well as infill opportunities for single family.

RMA has completed, through adoption, the Comprehensive Plan and zoning amendments for the Currie Mixed-Use District and is currently working on the text changes for the Northwood and Broadway Mixed-Use Districts Comprehensive Plan and zoning regulations based on the new vision plan.


The completion of the vision for Currie along with the subsequent zoning changes, garnered interest from developers immediately. The entire 20 acres was purchased by one developer, who subsequently created a master plan nearly mirroring the RMA plan. The developer plans to begin development with a 47,000SF urban grocer within the district along with a 15-story residential property and improvements to Currie Park, which could include a marina and two restaurants. It is estimated that this first phase could bring over $1 million per year in additional tax increment to the Northwood/Pleasant City CRA.

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