RMA Brings Redevelopment Expertise to Central Florida

By Lynn Dehlinger, Senior Economic Development Manager

RMA’s success in reinventing numerous South Florida cities, with over $1 billion in private sector investment within our client areas, has captured the attention of Central Florida city officials, leading to a dramatic increase in our mid-state client base. To better accommodate this growing market, we have established a new office in Winter Springs.

Having moved to this area over ten years ago, I know firsthand the challenges and potential of the cities here, and I am excited to be part of a team that will be inspiring the communities, in my backyard, to reach their full potential.

RMA is currently active in Sarasota, Seminole, Orange, Brevard, Volusia, Hillsborough, Alachua and Lake Counties and our Central Florida clients include Alachua, Mount Dora, Tavares, Titusville, Palm Bay and North Port.

Each of these cities have a different character, identity and sources of community pride. RMA’s unique team approach taps into all of these qualities and builds upon that foundation to establish a strong economic development plan. What separates RMA is our holistic approach with each client. We understand the forces that drive both city leaders and business leaders while staying tapped into the needs of community and their desire for expansive quality of life options.

For example, with Titusville we are capitalizing on the privatization of the commercial space industry as a key catalyst for the community’s economic redevelopment. This city and the entire area’s economy took a tremendous hit with the loss of the space program. Fortunately, private industry saw potential and soon Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos brought in Blue Origin and business magnate/inventor Elon Musk established SpaceX. Now the Space Coast is one of the only Quadra-Modal hubs in the world, with four modes of transportation (land, air, sea, space) available to new and expanding companies. RMA is working with the City to plan for new and existing business based upon both the space supply chain and a revitalized quality of life for the community. One of the projects that promises to be a key economic driver for the downtown area is the completion of the coast-to-coast bicycle trail that will welcome cyclists to downtown and the riverfront. This is the type of catalyst that downtown areas must have to create energy and vitality in the downtown.

Creating a connected downtown is part of a step-by-step strategy we recently created for Alachua and the Grandview Business District in Mount Dora. In Alachua, after an extensive study, we developed an implementation plan with ten specific initiatives to accomplish the city’s goals. In Mount Dora, we hosted an all-day Open House to get stakeholder input prior to providing recommendations for business attraction. And with Palm Bay, we completed a total market assessment with a list of initiatives to attract new businesses to the area.

Central Florida is looking to make its mark, and RMA is ready and available to provide successful redevelopment expertise!