Roy Assad: Lessons from an Executive Coach

When RMA first met with Roy Assad, they were an “Executive Loaded” firm consisting of a passionate group of eight executives striving to help cities reinvent themselves. Four years later they are a team of 40 industry leaders who are transforming dozens of cities throughout the state. For Assad this is no surprise. As the founder of the Human Capital Group, he knew that RMA was ready to begin the next phase of their success story.

“RMA’s growth has been phenomenal,” Assad said. “And so much of that is due to their founders, Kim and Chris. They are both visionaries, strong forward thinkers and they leave nothing undone.”

Recently, Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown decided that their expanding team would benefit from the insights they learned from Assad, so they held a special company retreat, resulting in an even more dynamic and energized work environment.

“Getting together as a group, where we can share our vision while also learning the best ways to motivate our team, was incredibly beneficial,” said Briesemeister.

Assad said this type of retreat helps the executives learn what’s really going on with their employees, it brings to light areas that need to be focused on, and helps team members communicate their needs more effectively.

Since 2003, Roy has been providing his clients with the guidance that helps them unleash hidden potential, eliminate roadblocks and capitalize on their team’s unique talents in order to maximize success.

Born in Syria, Roy moved to the United States at the age of 18 without any money and unable to speak a word of English. Armed with only motivation and grand dreams, his hard work and determination allowed him to become his OWN first success story. What began as a “first job” in the mailroom of an insurance agency has grown into a life of entrepreneurial passion, which he now shares with clients worldwide.

One of the most important aspects of the RMA retreat was starting the process for the creation of a culture statement. The culture statement helps retain the values that make your current employees productive and happy, while attracting similarly minded employees that spur further growth.

“These statements are critical because it defines your company’s core values,” he said. “It is there by default, but we want to make it by design.”

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