The RMA team’s collective set of skills produce results that are unmatched by a single-purpose firm. Economic developers, urban designers, planners, real estate brokers, marketing professionals, and financial analysts are all part of our repertoire. We provide complete solutions so communities do not waste time nor resources trying to patch together the work of multiple consultants, who only consider the value of their singular, limited specialty.


Even in a world filled with uncertainty, RMA can help your city attract economic activity to ensure your city’s tax base is protected from eminent downturns. We are working with multiple cities who are projecting an expanded tax base from our proposed economic and real estate development strategies.

Find Your Assets

Cities should proactively secure the future stability of their finances, and RMA is adept at identifying how a city can analyze its real estate and other economic assets to attract new private investment, including major residential developments, targeted business sectors, grocers, distribution centers, and major public-private partnerships (P3). RMA’s unique ability to guide a project from planning the vision to executing the success allows our community clients to protect and optimize their most valuable assets – helping the private sector grow their real estate values along the way.

We have been advising our city clients to immediately analyze their real estate holdings—land and property, which are tremendous assets. Once a city has a handle on the valuation of publicly owned land, dialogue can begin on how to better manage those assets.

Create New Revenue

By professionally managing their own real estate assets, a city could potentially create millions of dollars of new revenue to not only to stabilize, but potentially and increase their tax base. Those new revenues can be used to fund new capital projects, relieve existing debt, or provide upgraded services to residents. Another source of potential tax growth can be found on privately owned lots or assemblages that are underutilized or undervalued. It behooves a city to find a way to encourage development on those sites, or some other form of improvements that increases the taxable value of surrounding land. This has been a long-running problem for municipalities who pay a lot of attention to zoning and land use, but do not pay attention to the value of the land and its impact on the general revenue fund.

Increase Your Tax Base

The Key is in Implementation!

Each Strategic Finance Action Plan contains specific projects and programs as well as the funding source to implement the plans. Another major component includes the staffing or human resources needed to implement the plan. Finally, we build a matrix that combines the action items, the funding, and the staff resources so on a monthly basis, real progress is made. It works every time!

We have said it before and we’ll say it again: Many cities hire firms to write plans, do studies, or conduct economic real estate analysis, but these plans rarely contain any viable implementation component. RMA provides a direct path to implementation and uses a “Strategic Finance & Action Plan” format that mandates action and implementation. In addition to Planning, Real Estate and Business Recruitment, we include other necessary elements when creating a path for implementation. Because RMA is invested in seeing the results of our plans, we spend more time planning and strategizing the entire process to ensure our clients are aligned for success. Contact us and we’ll share one of our plans with you and show you how to use our approach to get your city out of the planning stage and into the implementation stage.


Why do some cities turn blight around while others continue to languish? Reinvention requires a proven strategy. In this book, we have designed a step-by-step plan and offer detailed success stories showing exactly how to move from inertia to greatness.

Reinventing Your City Book

VISION & BRAND – this unique and highly specialized skill is needed to position a city to attract private investment.

LEADERSHIP & POLITICS – Sometimes the problem is within the city – we know how to navigate and keep going.

THE TEAM – We help cities establish the resources to implement their economic plans and activities, otherwise it simply will not happen.

THE PLAN – We help cities develop comprehensive, achievable, plans with measurable results. This is the ultimate guide to your city's success.

FINANCING – plans need funding, and we know how to find the funds and get projects moving.

PRIVATE INVESTMENT – Our firm knows how to attract private investment partners, and it is not just listing a property for sale or issuing a bid.

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What do you see when you drive around your city or walk your main street? Do you see abandoned buildings, shabby streetscapes and little or no pedestrian activity? Are you perplexed by what you see? Do you compare your city to other cities you have visited that have a thriving downtown, filled with restaurants and shops, and beautiful, walkable streets?

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