What is Investment Tourism?

Investment Tourism is the process of identifying and marketing to visitors traveling to or already within a destination who may be potential investors in economic opportunities – from buying a second home, to opening or relocating a business, to investing in major development or redevelopment projects.

Public & Private Sector Benefits

Public Sector Benefits
  • Increase visitors to a destination
  • Increase engagement with visitors
  • Increase in bed tax
  • Increase in sales tax
  • Leads to employment
  • Improves your image
  • Leads to new business development – hotels, restaurants, stores, culture, sports
  • M.I.C.E. market opportunities
  • The opportunity to convert your visitors into potential investors
Private Sector Benefits
  • Increase in traffic
  • Increase in sales
  • Less business turnover
  • Overage rent increases
  • New retail and F&B tenants
  • New office tenants
  • New home/condo owners
  • Heads in Beds
  • M.I.C.E. market opportunities
  • The opportunity to convert your visitors into potential investors

Why Investment Tourism?

Global tourism has been on the rise for many years, and is now over a trillion dollar industry. All visitor segments represent potential real estate/business investments in your destination.

How can you capitalize on this important trend?

It all starts with a visit! We bring people to your destination and increase engagement with those already visiting, to invest their money in your community.

We can help you brand your destination for investment to achieve your economic development Goals through tourism

Research, Data & Interpretation
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Economic Impact Analysis & Benchmarks
  • Market Analysis
  • Consumer Data
  • Trends Analysis
Investment Attraction Strategies
  • Local Outreach Program for Visitors
  • Global Recognition & Branding
  • Market Potential and Positioning
  • Identification of the Most Lucrative Markets
  • Business Attraction Outreach Strategies
  • Incubator Programs for New Businesses
  • Database Management
Investment Alliance Programs
  • Audit of Available Opportunities, Assets & Challenges
  • Identifying the Appropriate Team Who Will Make the Investment Projects Happen
  • Site Tours & Meetings
  • Create Marquee Experiences
Business Development & Marketing
  • Product & Package Development
  • Marketing, Travel & Tourism & Economic Development Plans
  • Branding, Marketing, Graphics, Advertising & Public Relations
  • Social & Digital Strategy & Management 
  • Trade Show Representation

Discover Your Investment Potential

We have identified a niche. You have an opportunity to combine the travel experience your destination offers with Investment Tourism. Are you ready to discover your city’s investment potential? Your Investment Tourism specialist is just one click away.

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