Florida ranks among most stressed out states in U.S.

By Jeff Tavss – Executive Producer @ Local10.com

A new study shows Florida… you know, “The Sunshine State”… is one of the most stressed out states in the entire U.S.

We’ll give you a second to finish pulling out your hair over the extra work your boss just dumped on your desk to fully grasp the news.

Career website Zippia released it’s 10 Most Stressed Out States list, and Florida is ranked #3.

The study used six criteria to determine how sleepless people were, including long commute times, unemployment, hours worked, population density, home price to income ratio, and percent uninsured population.

Among the reasons why Florida placed where it did is because the state ranks third in number of uninsured residents.

But all’s not bad as there are two states that are more stressed than Florida! So relax, give the car in front of you and extra honk and celebrate.

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