PATCH Community Garden Comes to Pompano Beach

Redevelopment Management Associates – The Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency saw a successful idea being “planted” in Dania Beach, and now they are bringing it to their own town. PATCH, which stands for People’s Access to Community Horticulture, is a fresh concept which brings organically grown fruits and vegetables to the community. The Pompano CRA Board recently approved a resolution to bring on board the same operations company as Dania Beach and implement their successful model. Soon the empty lots located behind Blanche Ely High School will become a self-sustaining garden.

“The plans have been planted for PATCH,” said Juan Ayala, RMA Project Manager, from the Pompano CRA. “We hope that sometime in the fall 2015, we will begin implementation.”

The PATCH program in Pompano will become part of a network of gardens that will grow crops for local restaurants and have community plots for individuals and organizations of each community.

Dania Beach’s PATCH program has been a tremendous success, and has aided the community in many ways from the aesthetics of creating a beautiful garden from a once-neglected space to enriching the lives of the community through better quality foods and unique educational experiences.

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