Planning the Future of Delray Beach’s Cultural Hub

Residents and stakeholders packed the Crest Theatre recently to plan the future of the city’s cultural hub. The Delray Beach Center for the Arts’ grounds in front of the Cornell Museum and its connection to Old School Square, the parking garage and outdoor pavilion were the focus of the charrette.

The Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, the Center for the Arts and the city put on the brainstorming session.

Top ideas included creating a public plaza to serve as a gathering place, the importance of maintaining some green space, the addition of a water element, outdoor seating, shade and activity areas were among the suggestions.

Chris Brown of Redevelopment Management Associates and a former executive director of Delray’s CRA served as facilitator. After opening remarks by Bill Branning, board chairman of the Center for the Arts, Brown gave a presentation on urban parks around the world.