Podcast: How to Best Your Budget


Budget season can be intimidating for local government. In this episode, ICMA Members share stories of personal resilience while maneuvering the budgeting process.


It takes a lot of courage to manage a local government. Between elected officials, your staff, and your residents, deliverables and expectations need to be managed with a level of complexity that can intimidate many. Fortunately, ICMA has tons of resources on how to make the best decision for your community- including the expertise of our members.

In this episode of Local Gov Life, we talk to some ICMA members who discuss resilience in the face of The Great Recession, offer some advice on transparency with your elected officials, and share stories that remind us that you aren’t in this alone. If you’ve ever had to make a tough decision when it came to budgets and contracts, this is one episode you won’t want to miss. Give it a listen and check out some ICMA resources meant to help navigate you through the budgeting process without a scratch.

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