Services Provided:

  • Visioning & Strategic Action Plan
  • Market & Situation Analysis
  • Logo & City Branding Recommendations
  • Public Input Meeting Communications

Visioning & Strategic Action Plan

The City of Greenacres is centrally located within Palm Beach County, with a population of over 40,000 residents. The City is often considered a “drive-through” to other areas in the county and lacked an identity and vision for its future. With minimal land available for new development projects, infrastructure and roadway issues and a disconnected community, the City of Greenacres hired RMA to provide a vision, strategic action plan and brand for the City. The Plan addresses redevelopment opportunities and public private partnerships, form-based zoning codes, pedestrian friendly connectivity and multimodal transit, housing, infrastructure, history, culture and community connections as well as recommendations and implementation strategies for branding and community events. The Plan seeks to provide a detailed path to improve the quality of life for the citizens, to embrace the unique characteristics of the City and build a roadmap for economic development, redevelopment and community pride and connection.