North Miami Beach Land Use

Services Provided:

  • Urban Design & Planning
  • Economic Development Services for Comp Plan
  • Implementation Plan Amendments & Zoning changes
  • Retail Market Assessment, Demand Analysis
  • Master Plan
  • Ongoing Urban Design Review
  • Public-Private Partnerships (P3) for Projects within Mixed-Use
  • CRA Administration
  • CRA Incentives

Market-Based Land Use & Zoning Amendments | Downtown, Biscayne Corridor & Waterfront Mixed-Use Districts

North Miami Beach development was languishing, stifled by low height and density and strangled by traffic, while unprecedented economic growth was happening in the region. The city needed a strategy for encouraging redevelopment to control remaining valuable assets, such as the Intracoastal waterway parcels, and well-established street and park systems, while laying out the expected public benefits, providing residents with a comfort level that quality of life would be enhanced. Following leadership changes, the city embarked on an aggressive program of redevelopment, revitalization, and tax base enhancement. This included RMA’s economic development implementation plan, which began with efforts to change the city’s reputation in the real estate industry and to ensure that city regulations matched market conditions and market potential. RMA assisted the city with the Land Use and Zoning amendment for seven mixed-use districts in the City to include the Downtown area, Biscayne Boulevard Corridor and Waterfront Districts.

RMA’s work included analysis of market demand/potential, development financial feasibility, infrastructure improvement and tax increment incentives. Subsequently, RMA’s urban design team developed a vision plan for the future growth based on the analyses. The vision plan became the base for the proposed land use policies, objectives, zoning map and text amendments, which were unanimously approved in March 2015. In less than one year of adopting the regulations, the city received ten applications for site plan approval including two major development sites that were a hindrance to redevelopment that sold for a combined $30 million, making way for mixed-use developments. Over $280 million in real estate transactions took place in the target area in the first 18 months, with over 1,000 residential units, 200 hotel rooms, and significant commercial development.

The quick change in North Miami Beach’s reputation in the private sector, combined with strong, visionary leadership and RMA’s strategies, enabled North Miami Beach to lead Miami-Dade County in property taxable value growth from 2015-2016, at a year over year rate of 17%. Additionally, the taxable value of property within the North Miami Beach Redevelopment Area increased by 46% during the same period, driven by real estate transactions.