Pompano Beach Downtown Innovation District

Services Provided:

  • Visioning
  • Redevelopment
  • Planning
  • Fiscal Impact, Economic Impact & Market Analysis
  • Create Innovation District
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Community Engagement
  • Project Management
  • Placemaking

Placemaking and Public Realm Capital Investment

The City of Pompano Beach did not have a defined downtown, therefore spent 20 years acquiring properties with the goal of attracting development. Although over 30 acres in total acreage had been acquired, the parcels were not contiguous and did not attract development as planned. The areas appeared blighted and the massive among of vacant land led to duping and crime. The adjacent neighborhoods were angry and fell into disrepair as well. Only a handful of business and churches remained on the Main Street, MLK. The area lacked urban housing, employment opportunities, and cultural amenities that are critical components of being competitive in today’s economy. Private investors passed the city by when looking for redevelopment sites despite the amount of land available.

RMA proposed a series of strategies including marketing the area as an Innovation District and applying a visionary waterway system that could be a dual drainage/public amenity. The city endorsed the Innovation District concept and the plan for business attraction and economic growth, cultural facility development, land development regulation amendments streetscape improvements, and citywide & district branding and marketing.

The RFP attracted five development proposals that are under review. Interest from investors and developers has increased based on the vision to create a dense, urban, and pedestrian-oriented downtown that will support residents/visitors as a hub for employment, education, business incubation, cultural arts, retail, and commercial services.