RMA Principals Provide Path to Revelopment Success – “Reinventing Your City”

Redevelopment Management Associates – Want to redevelop your city? Eliminate blight? Develop a new brand and create a thriving downtown? Every leader faces these types of questions at some point and RMA’s Principals, Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown, certainly have over the course of more than 30 years managing Community Redevelopment Agencies and providing professional economic and redevelopment consulting services in the public entity market. During that time, they have also witnessed the unfortunate consequences when some well-intentioned leaders fall short in the pursuit of these goals and they want to help by sharing their success stories.

“Reinvention requires a proven strategy that must be followed step-by-step,” said Briesemeister, “Skip a step, lose focus, get hurt by criticism and the bright future you promised your community might not happen.”

Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown are highly regarded experts in the redevelopment field. As founders of RMA, they have successfully guided the transformation of numerous cities, resulting in over $1 billion in private sector investment in their client redevelopment areas. Now they are sharing their combined 50 plus years of professional experience to guide municipal leaders nationwide on their quest to reinvent their cities.

To put your city on the right track, read “REINVENTING YOUR CITY – 8 Steps to Turn Your City Around” by Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown. The book, written by RMA’s Principals, will be released in October and will be available on their website at www.rma.us.com.

“This book provides the necessary blueprint to redevelop your city,” said Brown. “We know the process is not easy. But we have accomplished it many times. With this book, we not only lay out the steps to follow, but we also show how to avoid the pitfalls, and provide real-life success stories.” These success stories aren’t just an inspiration; they exemplify the steps outlined in the book, providing the readers with an executable plan.

“The first five years of any plan are the most critical,” said Briesemeister. “This is when you must gather the right people, get the community involved, and keep the core message moving through different administrations. If you remain focused and strong during this period, and make the right decisions, momentum takes over.”

If you would like to pre-order books or arrange for a presentation by the authors, please contact RMA at 954.695.0754 or info@rma.us.com.