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Government Management & Administration

RMA’s combined experience in managing redevelopment and economic development departments is unprecedented. We have guided some of the largest and most successful redevelopment efforts in the State of Florida resulting in over $1 billion in private investment.
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Government Management & Consulting Services include:

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Interdepartmental Coordination
RMA assists our Clients in creating strong interdepartmental relationships with various municipal departments including:

  • Economic and Redevelopment
  • Planning
  • Housing
  • Code enforcement
  • Engineering
  • Finance and Budget
  • Police
  • Public Works

General Management and Consulting

  • Departmental Management
  • Organization and Operations
  • Financial Planning and Budget Preparation
  • Annual Reports and Compliance

Public/Private Partnership Negotiations

  • Draft RFQ’s, RFP’s, Invitations to Negotiate
  • Site Analysis
  • Highest and Best Use Formulas
  • Developer Selection Processes
  • Real Estate Performa Analysis
  • Development Agreement Negotiations

Business Development and Marketing

  • Manage Marketing Departments
  • Business Attraction Initiatives
  • Loan Programs for retailers and other commercial users
  • Incentive Programs to attract new businesses
  • Marketing and Recruitment Plans, staffed by trained professionals who will go out and bring in new businesses

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Real Estate & Land Acquisition

  • Manage Real Estate Departments
  • Land acquisition services
  • Land assemblage planning and development options
  • “Banker/Broker” events to engage both industries in the redevelopment process
  • Real estate market analysis

Urban Design and Planning

  • Manage Planning Departments
  • Comprehensive planning and zoning
  • Plan Implementation

Compliance and Government Documents

  • CRA / DDA/ BID Plan Amendments
  • Bylaws Amendments
  • Advisory Board Resolutions
  • Annual Budget Finance Plans
  • Land Use Amendments
  • Zoning Regulations Amendments
  • Design Guidelines

Capital Improvement Oversight

  • Managing Capital Projects
  • Consultant and Contractor Coordination
  • Transportation Planning and Management

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RMA offers a talented pool of experts to meet your short and long term staffing needs in house, or as support staff to expand and bolster your team on an as-needed basis.

RMA has a highly trained and skilled staff that understands redevelopment issues and knows how to get results. We have the unique ability to successfully redevelop fledgling areas and can assist your staff in the redevelopment process from beginning to end.

The RMA team has seasoned experts in the Urban Design & Planning, Economic Development, Business Attraction & Retention, Marketing & Special Events, Project Management, and Real Estate/Asset Management fields.
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RMA offers full time, part time and supplemental management and administration staffing services to all units of government including:

  • Cities and Counties
  • Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRA)
  • Downtown Development Authorities (DDA)
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Municipal & Governmental Departments
  • Florida Main Street organizations
  • Economic Development organizations

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