Urban Design & Planning

Our team is committed to enhancing the physical qualities of a place and highlighting the cultural and historical values that define it.
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Urban Design & Planning Services include:

  • Urban design
  • Planning and master plans
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Urban planning/Town Centers
  • Community Planning
  • Platting
  • Permitting
  • Rezoning
  • Land Use
  • Zoning amendments and complete code revisions
  • Market and economic analysis (prior to drafting land development regulations)
  • Municipal Planning
Pages 1-4 from EDSA Concept plans and Diagrams_2013.06
Our planning principles are based on a smart growth approach which means building and maintaining towns and cities with housing and transportation choices near employment centers, shops, and schools, while supporting local economies and protecting the environment. Ensuring a proper use of civic spaces such as streets, plazas and parks is critical to our approach. We plan and design for any scale of development – local, neighborhood, regional or entire districts. The result is an improved quality of life for the individuals who inhabit these locales on a daily basis.
Innovation District
We identify the unique challenges and opportunities of an area and consider the community’s perspectives. RMA is highly experienced in engaging public participation through forums including design charrettes, stakeholder interviews and tech driven outreach methods.
Margate_City Center_Park
Whether we are helping to redevelop existing sites in a developed area, or designing a vacant parcel from the ground up, we work with our clients to maximize the potential of their sites.