Solidifying Our Brand

rmaAs RMA has grown, so has our impact on our client communities. Cities all over Florida and beyond are enjoying renewed economic activity from RMA’s committed and strategic approach.

To better reflect our team’s skill set and our firm’s unique approach, we decided to create a new logo to visually represent the dynamic elements that comprise our unified team.

“We’ve always had our brand,” said Sharon McCormick, Director of Business Attraction and Marketing. “But we wanted to express ourselves in a new, visually impactful way; we also wanted a tag line that sums up what we do best.”

The new logo reflects our strength as a team and also showcases the incredible depth of our core competencies. Whether clients need help in a single area or on multiple economic issues, RMA provides the right skill set and then works all projects comprehensively.

How the Logo was Born

Initially, we hired a design firm who came to our offices to listen and learn about what services we provide. After many meetings and design attempts, the latest iteration of logo boards was put on the console against the wall for us to review. The RMA team was still hemming and hawing over the options when everyone looked up on the wall at the image above the boards that was a large tapestry of the map of Florence, Italy.


Florence is a compact city, surrounded by waterways with many bisecting smaller streets and roadways. The grid forms an intricate balance of street networks and buildings combining old and new, people and places. Each section of the city is a unique neighborhood, but collectively it makes one of the liveliest, walkable and visually enticing cities in the world including the famous Domo in the center of town, and the stunning Ponte Vecchio Bridge crossing the main waterway. We knew that RMA functioned like Florence since we had highly skilled individual departments, which in unison formed a very strong team – thus our logo was born!


RMA’s new logo and web site now reflect the wide range of talent under one roof: Economic Development, Urban Planning & Design, Business Attraction & Marketing, Government Management & Administration, and Real Estate.

Next the company developed a new tagline that complemented the new logo’s overarching concept and summed up RMA’s mission:

Reinventing Your City

Some cities need an entire reinvention where others simply need some guidance to reach their full economic potential. The end goal is always an economically healthy and thriving community.

“The whole process was just genuinely creative and organic”, McCormick concluded. “It authentically expresses who we are – what we love to do – and what we can do for our Clients!”

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