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Halloween Spending Statistics, Facts and Trends

Halloween retail spending will be $9 billion in 2018. It’s a little less than 2017’s record of $9.1 billion. Slightly fewer, 175 million, will celebrate. They will spend a record $86.79 per person, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey. One reason…

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Retail Reenvisioned: Shift in Sector Uses

By Jenae Valentine, Economic Development Coordinator/Real Estate Associate In 2017, the retail sector proved to be the most volatile of all the major real estate sectors. Retail store closings and retail bankruptcy headlines dominated the real estate industry. According to…

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Retail Industry Renaissance

By  Lynn Dehlinger, Sr. Economic Development Manager/Broker Associate The party line is that physical retail is dying, however this industry, as well downtowns, are in the midst of an amazing renaissance – diversifying their offerings like never before to create unique…

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