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RMA utilizes a number of strategies in our approach to reinventing your city.
Below you’ll find important tips and tools for successful reinvention.

Recovery Playbook

Our entire world has been impacted by the COVID-19 virus, including cities, businesses and individuals. Cities that take a timely, proactive and coordinated approach to assessing the economic impacts will fare better than those that are complacent or disorganized. There is no tried and true formula for cities to follow, there is no silver bullet, and there is no single right way to move forward. There is only the need to push forward and find the best path that works for YOUR city. This Playbook will assist you in getting organized and preparing a strategy to begin recovering from the overwhelmingly negative economic impacts evolving from this situation.

Investment Tourism

Investment Tourism is the process of identifying and marketing to visitors traveling to or already within a destination who may be potential investors in economic opportunities – from buying a second home, to opening or relocating a business, to investing in major development or redevelopment projects.

Public Sector Benefits
  • Public Sector Benefits
  • Increase visitors to a destination
  • Increase engagement with visitors
  • Increase in bed tax
  • Increase in sales tax
  • Leads to employment
  • Improves your image
  • Leads to new business development – hotels, restaurants, stores, culture, sports
  • M.I.C.E. market opportunities
  • The opportunity to convert your visitors into potential investors
Private Sector Benefits
  • Increase in traffic
  • Increase in sales
  • Less business turnover
  • Overage rent increases
  • New retail and F&B tenants
  • New office tenants
  • New home/condo owners
  • Heads in Beds
  • M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) market opportunities
  • The opportunity to convert your visitors into potential investors

Got Brewery?

The RMA team is leading the CRAFT BREWERY approach to Economic Development. Craft Breweries can be used as a tool for both brewers and cities to aid in their economic development efforts.
  • Looking for space/expansion?
  • Understand the market opportunity?
  • Tap into potential incentive programs.
  • Work with experts that represent multiple cities.
  • Looking for breweries?
  • Got Sites? Incentives?
  • Understand Brewer’s facility and real estate needs?
  • Work with experts that know how to get what you want for your city.


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