What’s Brewing: Artist Colony Looking for New Residents


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.There’s a growing artist colony in Northwood Village, an art-centric neighborhood in West Palm Beach that is looking for new residents.

This week’s “What’s Brewing with Stephanie” had all the details about Lot 23, an artist in-residence program.

Trying to find affordable housing in West Palm Beach can be difficult, especially if you’re on an artist’s income, but now Lot 23 is changing not only the artists’ lives, but also the community.

“It’s the best thing. It gives me freedom as an artist, which is what needs to be there so I don’t hold a typical day job, which is going to keep my creativity at a lower point,” said Craig McInnis, an artist and member of Lot 23.

Lot 23 provides apartments at a discounted rate, and in return, artists like McInnis complete 20 hours of community service each month in the form of art classes, which are free for the local community.

McInnis teaches acrylic painting and drawing fundamentals.

“I really love that class because it’s for everybody. It’s for people who say, and they all say, ‘I can’t draw stick figures!’ And I’m like ‘Yes, you can, I bet! So come in!'” McInnis said.

McInnis gave Berzinski a tour of his newly-renovated, two-bedroom, one-bath apartment on 23rd Street. He pays $350 per month in rent.

“It’s got the washer-dryer stackable thing; it’s got gas, which I haven’t had since I was back home in Connecticut,” McInnis said.

“These were two large buildings owned that were owned by the CRA, and we were really looking to not just rebuild and renovate but really bring something special to the community,” Susan Kores, project manager for the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, explained.

The CRA has three artist vacancies it’s looking to fill.  Dancers and musicians are especially needed. There is an application process.

For more information about Lot 23 visit www.wpb.org.

For more information about Craig McInnis and his artwork visit www.craigmcinnis.com

McInnis teaches acrylic painting and fundamentals of drawing classes every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5-7 p.m. at the Center for Creative Education, on 24th Street.

Classes are free.
Stephanie Berzinski
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