Local Artist Feature: Jenny Kiker Botanical Artist

The Back Story

Jenny’s creative process starts with a combination of drawing from observation and imagination. She lets the subject inform where the line wants to go and how it wants to feel. Color is the emotion in her work. The ink is free to deepen and soften, just as color would in nature.

“To me, art creating with reason will never feel cold. It will remind you we are all connected.”

After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with an Illustration major / painting minor, she started her first job with Carter’s/Osh-Gosh kids clothing as a technical/creative artist in Atlanta. After 4 years spent she gave in to wanderlust, moved to San Diego, and found her place with Free People in visual display/creative merchandising. She was able to work with URBN Inc. where she learned the value of compelling creativity in a brand. Constant soul searching started to eat away at her and she jumped. Jenny has grown Living Pattern as a way to connect herself and her audience to the still delicateness of nature and to themselves. It is a learning process that changes day by day.

Living Pattern is founded by Jenny in 2013, and she uses this as a channel to showcase to the world on her art illustrations skills. One piece by the next, as more and more art pieces are created, Jenny’s needs for botany inspiration grew. The number of plants in her house grow tremendously, and as each plant is included into her collection, the love and effort towards each growing plant has never lessened.


Q & A

How did plants being your subject of choice?

“I can trace back on my life with plants. I grew up in a family of plant-lovers. My home is a greenhouse, and at times, we will also use these plants’ flowers or leaves. I guess, I had inherited this family tradition, especially after I have founded Living Pattern platform. It has surpassed my own realization on how much I love and am passionate about botany, “


What makes your prints unique?

My work is printed on natural white artist’s quality paper, made of 90% bamboo.  Edition number and print run date stamped on the back for authenticity.


What is your  techniques on sketching?

“ I always imagine my plants to be within a tropical rainforest, or under a tree, and through nature gentle breeze, sunshine or rain, portray ten thousands and one colours. In addition, I ensure that whatever I draw, is kept to the most natural state of the plant. With regards to colour, I still think I like green most. Before every draw, I will mix the colour on the palette and create many different pontoons of green. I have a secret recipe, that is, overtime a colour is being used, do not use the paint directly from the tube. Mix it with a little bit of blue, yellow, orange, until the green looks lively.”


Contact Jenny at


Email: jenny@livingpattern.net

Phone: 561.596.8205