Barcelona Inspira – Lessons from the International Public Markets Conference

There’s something you feel every day, that no one, not you, I, nor anyone else knows what it is for sure – Barcelona, a capital that inspires.”

 Barcelona inspira

A capital that inspires—nothing could be truer!  This quote showcases how Barcelona inspires a desire to live, create and innovate. “The energy of this city that has been captured and seemingly bottled for daily consumption is an inspiration for me to continue to improve and perfect my craft.”,states Sharon McCormick. As the Director of Marketing for RMA, I participate in these global conferences to expand my knowledge and experiences in order to offer our clients the world’s most innovative concepts.

Each city must understand, create and showcase their own identity – this is one of the most critical phases for the reinvention of any community. “Understanding and ‘bottling’ the heartbeat, the soul, the true essence of a community to make it a better place –is where it all begins,” explained McCormick. “Connecting people, places and things that have never been connected, not to change the place, but to uncover the threads of the amazing feelings people have about the “place” they love, is critical to the successful re-imagining of communities everywhere.”

Barcelona highlights how ALL things work together improving the quality of life for the people–residents and visitors alike.

The lessons I learned from the incredible markets and restaurants could be an entire book. And while their system is dynamic and unique, the heart of the concept can be emulated by cities around the world, as food will always be a key magnet for creating social hubs.

Meticulous attention to detail in keeping the city in pristine condition is another important element. The city workers literally wash the streets every night in order to maintain an atmosphere that will attract people to congregate. Public plazas are always buzzing with people, and children are welcomed and kept safe with artfully fenced playgrounds.

For retail, Barcelona brilliantly mixes old world artisans, such as shoemakers whose shops have been in business since 1902, with emerging fashion designers, creating a vibrant energy and a very important redevelopment lesson.

“One of the most important takeaways is that every place, when cared for properly and embraced by its leaders and community members, can showcase its own special inspiration for its residents and visitors,” she said. “The challenge we face is making sure that we take the time to actually see and feel what is special about each and every place.”

Stay tuned in the coming months for more Barcelona inspira as we continue the Market City stories from Barcelona and meet marketing experts from Berlin, Latvia, Kansas City, Cleveland, Toronto, Australia and more!