Keep it in the Community: Shop Small ®

Small Business Saturday is November 28th! RMA is encouraging everyone to “Keep it in the Community” by participating in this nationwide event, which was launched by American Express.

“This is a terrific opportunity for small business owners to create new marketing initiatives to attract local customers to their shops,” said Sharon McCormick, RMA’s Business Attraction and Marketing Director.

The American Express website has lots of ideas to jump start marketing creativity, from scavenger hunts with other local stores to eye-catching displays.

Another great resource is “The 3/50 Project: Saving the Brick and Mortars Our Nation is Built On” site, which provides statistics, collateral assistance and more. The following is information about the project:

3 – What three independently owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared? Stop in. Say hello. Pick up something that brings a smile. Your purchases are what keep those businesses around.

50 – If half the employed population spent $50 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue. Imagine the positive impact if 3/4 the employed population did that.

68 – For every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays here. Spend it online and nothing comes home.

1 – The number of people it takes to start the trend…you.

Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.

When you combine Small Business Saturday and the power of the 3/50 Project, the outcome can be transformational for small businesses.

“This is a terrific day to explore new shops, meet the local entrepreneurs who are investing in your community and discover some incredible finds,” continued McCormick.

Stats are courtesy of Civic Economics:

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