Ken Stapleton: From Bold Vision to Tangible Asset

Ken Stapleton & Associates ~

With over 30 years of experience in urban revitalization and economic development, Ken Stapleton is one of the nation’s leading experts in the field. He is also a recognized expert in urban safety programs and an innovator in the field of university-community partnerships. A coveted speaker at regional and national conferences, he is a skilled strategist who willingly shares his 3-step success program to attract investment for redevelopment.

“It is essential to communicate a bold, shared vision; rally civic and business leaders behind that vision; and make regular progress toward accomplishing the vision, including physical changes people can touch and see,” emphasized Stapleton.

His fundamental advice provides a brilliant mantra for those in the industry and attracts partners like RMA who share his core philosophies. RMA recently invited Stapleton to partner with them to create a strategic implementation plan for the West Dixie Corridor in North Miami Beach.

“In order to create a great walkable town center and mixed used commercial district, I am partnering with RMA to prioritize the next steps related to roadway improvements, communications, financing and partnerships,” explained  Stapleton, who currently serves as Co-Chair of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Building Healthy Places committee for Southeast Florida.

To move the project forward, the team has created their top 5 priorities:

1.    Bridge and roadway design and construction in partnership with the

County and FDOT

2.  Commuter Rail support and advocacy

3.  Assist private mixed use developments

4.  Better communicate the vision

5.  Create a signature annual event

These guideposts will keep them on track during the process; however, with any project there are challenges to overcome. For this project, the team has identified issues such as the need for better gateways, shared parking solutions and better use of unique assets like the Ancient Spanish Monastery and the Snake Creek Canal.

“I am confident that we will find the solutions for these issues because RMA and I both focus on practical solutions based on market realities,” Stapleton said.

“We are thrilled to be working with Ken on this project,” said Kevin Crowder, RMA’s Director of Economic Development. “Together, we will create a new identity for this community.”

“When the revitalization is complete, this area will contain the most vibrant urban location in the County north of downtown Miami,” said Stapleton.  “No other location will have the combination of an active waterfront, a safe and friendly commuter rail station, fantastic pedestrian amenities and parks, proximity to the beach, a variety of housing options, and unique historic cultural assets.”

Ken Stapleton, MUP, is President of Ken Stapleton & Associates with offices in Miami Beach, FL, Cincinnati, OH, and Columbus, OH. Ken is also the President and CEO of the SafedesignTM Institute, an organization that provides innovative design services, communications strategies, training, program evaluation, and organizational development guidance related to real and perceived safety in urban environments.

Ken Stapleton & Associates core focus areas include: assisting with university-city partnerships; fundraising strategy and direct assistance; improving real and perceived safety in urban places; place-brand strategy development; and providing organizational structure guidance.  Recent and current projects include a TIGER-funded TOD-university partnership in Miami, an Anchor Institution Creative Corridor evaluation in Duluth, and organizational assistance for a national university-community partnerships group in Washington.

Contact information: or 216-849-6494