New Book Reveals Successful Redevelopment Strategies










If you wish you could do more to transform the problem areas in your community, then you need to read Reinventing Your City – 8 Steps to Turn Your City Around. RMA’s co-founders, Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown wrote this instructional blueprint to help city leaders nationwide bring new life to languishing communities. Pre-orders are now available on

“Whether you have a small area that needs fine-tuning or an entire city that requires a new direction, this book will show city leaders the proven steps to successfully reach your goal,” said Briesemeister.

One of the first lessons the authors share is doing a Q&A—with yourself.

“You need to ask yourself the tough questions”, Briesemeister said. “If businesses are not gravitating to your community, if redevelopment is passing you by, and if your economic growth is not being actively managed, then you need to create a better plan.”

In the book, each chapter illustrates a specific step, providing detailed instructions and tips on overcoming the most common obstacles. The key steps are The Vision, Leadership & Politics, The Team, The Plan, Implementation, Private Investment, Financing Redevelopment and Reinventing the City.

The book also provides national and global case studies including the reinventions of Charleston, New York City, Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, The Hague and Barcelona.

“Transforming a troubled city into a community where businesses and families prosper is a challenge,” states Brown. “It takes strong, determined leaders who understand that redevelopment is not just about those living and working there today; it is also about the people who will live and work there for decades to come.”

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