North Port Retail Assessment Provides a Clear Vision & Strategy

Located in southern Sarasota County, this community sought RMA’s expertise to identify and analyze possible retail opportunities and create a strategic plan to enhance its economic development department’s business attraction efforts. Through a series of comprehensive community meet-n-greets and data analysis, RMA provided the city with a clear vision and a precise progressive strategy.

“RMA did a great job helping North Port estimate and understand our retail gap,” said Ruth Buchanan, Business Advocate for the City of North Port, FL. “Now, we have a clear and easy way to articulate the retail opportunity. Their work is allowing us to engage key decision makers in a very effective and meaningful way.”

Buchanan, who recently participated at the Int’l Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Florida Deal Making event in Orlando,FL found RMA’s insights and information invaluable as she conversed with developers and site selectors.

One of the key aspects that Buchanan focused on was North Port’s retail gap which RMA identified by comparing the amount of retail spending by North Port households with the amount of retail sales that take place within North Port. This evaluation identified North Port’s retail gap to be approximately $209 million. This retail gap, which is taking place in a strong retail region, indicates significant opportunity for retail growth in North Port. The studies further identified what types of retail opportunities would best fit specific areas of the city.

In addition, RMA’s personal interaction with the community brought forth further insights which can help establish a unique brand identity in specific target areas in order to attract investors, entrepreneurs, retailers and customers.

“We gave North Port what they required in their RFP, however, we also went beyond that analysis to provide them with critical place branding concepts within the context of the city’s brand and a strong workable plan,” explained Sharon McCormick, RMA’s Director of Business Attraction & Marketing.

“More and more cities are turning to us, because of the effective way we engage their communities and provide their leadership with the necessary tools to forge a better future for their residents,” continued McCormick.