South Florida women define what makes a woman

By Phillip Valys

Three women attempt to do the impossible — parse the many complexities of womanhood — in “Under the Clothes Is Skin. Under the Skin Is Sound. And Her.,” a mysteriously titled group show at Bailey Contemporary Arts in Pompano Beach.

In photographs by Palm Beach County artist Sibel Kocabasi, a Turkish rug surrounds a nude woman like a cocoon, a statement about suppressing female identity and the awakening of feminine power.

Broward County digital artist Linda Behar, meanwhile, displays computer-generated images of slender women striking poses. The images call to attention ways that fashion magazines and video games sell retouched, idealized versions of women’s bodies to consumers.

Boca Raton mixed-media artist Raheleh T. Filsoofi installed 30 ceramic bowls with built-in speakers around the gallery that feature a chorus of women singing and chatting. The ceramics are designed to tackle the history of censored women’s voices.

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