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The Making of Successful Cities

It’s All About the Vision The very first step of any successful city transformation, no matter how small or large, is to create a clearly defined “Vision” of what the city wants to be known for. The end goal is…

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JPMorgan Chase announces winners of AdvancingCities Challenge

JPMorgan Chase has announced the first winners of its AdvancingCities Challenge, an annual competition to source solutions to problems facing communities. The Challenge is part of a greater five-year, $500 million initiative to create greater economic opportunity and inclusive growth in…

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The smart infrastructure that will save us from our dumb cities

In cities around the world, streetlights are monitoring traffic flow to alleviate congestion, sensors are guiding drivers to empty parking spaces and football pitches are being illuminated by floodlights powered using kinetic energy created by the players’ footsteps. Together, these…

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