Podcast: How to Best Your Budget

EPISODE SUMMARY Budget season can be intimidating for local government. In this episode, ICMA Members share stories of personal resilience while maneuvering the budgeting process. EPISODE NOTES It takes a lot of courage to manage a local government. Between elected…

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Focusing on Resilience: Recommendations for Disaster Recovery

Once a crisis occurs, local leaders immediately start thinking about recovery. How to you manage this process after a disaster? “There is no blueprint for this,” explained Harold Dominguez, city manager of Longmont, Colorado, after the 1,000-year flood event that destroyed 1,852…

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Lessons Learned from Mass Shootings

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” This mantra of Jack Reacher in Lee Child’s novels is a good philosophy for city managers as well. While statistically unlikely to happen in your city, mass shootings are occurring in many…

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