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RMA Testimonial: City of North Port, FL

“The City of North Port sought out the help of professionals when we were figuring out the retail gap and opportunities for our fast-growing and new city. RMA worked hard and diligently and provided us with a well-put-together plan that…

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RMA Brings Redevelopment Expertise to Central Florida

By Lynn Dehlinger, Senior Economic Development Manager RMA’s success in reinventing numerous South Florida cities, with over $1 billion in private sector investment within our client areas, has captured the attention of Central Florida city officials, leading to a dramatic…

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North Port Retail Assessment Provides a Clear Vision & Strategy

Located in southern Sarasota County, this community sought RMA’s expertise to identify and analyze possible retail opportunities and create a strategic plan to enhance its economic development department’s business attraction efforts. Through a series of comprehensive community meet-n-greets and data…

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